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(Español) Lo que quedará en tu memoria para siempre:

  • El Nevado del Tolima es tal vez la montaña más atractiva para la escalada en Colombia. Su forma de cono volcánico hace de ella una montaña que genera un escenario único para la práctica de deportes al aire libre. Se localiza dentro del Parque Nacional Natural los Nevados y alcanza una altitud de 5.220m.


  • Duración: 4 días y 3 noches
  • Nivel de esfuerzo: “NEVADO” (5 en una escala de 1 a 5) Ver Niveles…
  • Nivel de confort: 3 en una escala de 1 a 5 (Cabaña campesina con habitaciones con 3 camarotes (6 camas) para dos noches, un sólo con baño compartido, campamento base para una noche, mulas para cargar tu morral grande, camperos para los traslados terrestres, alimentación casera)
  • Tiempo de caminatas: entre 5 y 9 horas aproximadamente.
  • Distancias recorridas: 5-20 kilómetros.
  • Ecosistama: Bosques de niebla, páramo, súper páramo, morrena y glaciar.
  • Clima: Muy frío.
  • Elevación: 1.400 – 5.220 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

(Español) Fechas:

  • 26 al 29 de mayo de 2017
  • 16 al 19 de junio de 2017
  • 23 al 26 de junio de 2017
  • 30 de junio al 3 de julio de 2017
  • 20 al 23 de julio de 2017
  • 4 al 7 de agosto de 2017
  • 18 al 21 de agosto de 2017
  • 13 al 16 de octubre de 2017
  • 3 al 6 de noviembre de 2017
  • 10 al 13 de noviembre de 2017

En todas las fechas debemos estar en Salento a las 6:00 am del primer día de expedición.

* Se te ocurre otra fecha? Te lo organizamos cuando quieras! Si quieres viajar solo o con tu grupo, podemos organizar toda la logística para esta expedición en cualquier momento del año. Para solicitar una cotización por favor escríbenos a, Indicándonos número de personas y fecha.



This works like this: the interested parties are registering through the payment of a payment of $ 200,000.oo non refundable (only reimbursed if Ecoglobal Expeditions cancels for some reason the expedition) and depending on the number of people entered indicates the final price of the expedition :

1 $ 2,590,000
2 $ 1,490,000
3 $ 1,290,000
4 or 5 $ 1,210,000
6 $ 1,130,000
7 or more participants $ 1,090,000


The price does not include transport from your city of origin to Salento, some people prefer to fly to Armenia the day before and take a land transport to Salento to spend the night there and be rested to start the expedition the next day at 6 : 00am, others are more adventurous and travel by land at night to reach Armenia at dawn from there take a transport to Salento and join the group at 6am, others travel in their own vehicle wishing the previous day to Salento.
The return is scheduled to be in Salento at 7:00 pm on the last day.
To reserve your quota please write to with the names of the people interested and their phones (the telephone number is very important to be able to inform in case of any changes in the schedule)

By return of mail we will give all the instructions for the inscription (form of payment, terms, requirements, etc.)

Way to pay:

1. By consignment or transfer to the bank account that we will inform you in a timely manner

Or by direct payment in our offices located in Cr 11A No. 93A – 22 Of 401

Or in any of the 14 OCHOMILES stores of Bogota

Note: Take advantage of the electronic channels and make the payment through a bank transfer to our account !!

2. With credit or debit card through the Online Payment service communicating with us.

What do I do if I made the consignment and signed up but can not attend? See answer here …

How to book

To reserve your quota please write to with the names of the people interested and their phones (the telephone number is very important to be able to inform in case of any changes in the schedule)


Why go to Nevado del Tolima with EcoGlobal Expeditions?

Because we carefully plan, in a professional manner and with a lot of responsibility, the itinerary of the expedition, taking into account the altitude that we will be, so that the possibility of “soroche” or altitude sickness (headache, dizziness, Vomiting, pulmonary edema and cerebral edema) are minimal and you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.
Mountain expeditions to more than 3,500 meters of altitude are serious, the consequences of bad planning or the ignorance of the symptoms of altitude sickness can be very serious or at least will make your trip a painful and unpleasant experience.
We take your luggage on mules to make the walk more pleasant.
We support the tourist development of the region by hiring local guides (they are the ones who know the mountain, its people and its landscapes)
We assume with our allies of the region the total organization of the expedition, taking care of every detail, its safety and well-being so that the expedition works like a watch!

What’s included
  • It includes:Complete food from the lunch of the day 1 until the lunch of the day 4 (peasant food)
    Lodging 2 nights in mountain refuge (peasant farm)
    Private transport from Salento to Cocora and from Cocora to Salento
    One (1) mountain guide for every three (3) people
    Complete glacier equipment (helmet, harness, crampons, ice ax)
    Logistics for the entire trip
    Loading mules for backpacks and equipment throughout the expedition
    Health care insurance
What’s not included
  • Transport from your city of origin to Salento and return
    Camping equipment (tents, sleeping, insulation). If the participant does not have them we can rent them: Tent for 2 people $ 60,000, Sleeping: $ 45.000, insulation: $ 10,000 * total prices for the 4 days of dispatch


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Travel tips


For the expedition of summit attempt to the snowed of Tolima it is required:

Please do not wear denim pants or jeans or in general cotton, they do not protect against the cold and if they are Wet do not dry for the entire expedition. Also avoid cotton t-shirts, sweaters and jackets
One (1) suit of thermal underwear or polar fleece sweatshirt or coarse fabric to stay in the cabin and to sleep
Two (2) or maximum three (3) pairs of thick stockings hopefully wool
One (1) wool cap or fleece covering the ears (can be balaclava)
One (1) pair of impervious gloves
One (1) cap or hat
One (1) pair of trekking boots that cover the ankles and ideally they are waterproof
One (1) pair of sandals or light tennis shoes for use in the cabin
One (1) jacket and one (1) waterproof trousers
One (1) fleece jacket or synthetic material to protect against cold
One (1) quick drying towel
Camping equipment (tents, sleeping, insulation). If the participant does not have them we can rent them: Tent for 2 people $ 60,000, Sleeping: $ 45.000, insulation: $ 10,000 * total prices for the 4 days of dispatch
Canteen, Bottle or Camelback
First-aid kit
Small flashlight and spare batteries for three (3) days
Sunglasses (400 UV filter)
Small backpack for hiking
Canes (optional)
Small personal care items
Sun block with protection factor greater than or equal to 60SPF
Plastic bags
Toilet paper
Lipstick, cocoa butter or petroleum jelly
Sweets / chocolates / peanuts / snacks / energy
Photographic camera
Surely it’s going to rain, we should prepare for it, pack everything in plastic bags !!!

Most people traveling with Ecoglobal Expeditions are fervent lovers of nature, they are uncomplicated and “off-road” travelers, patients, tolerants, collaborators and enthusiasts. They like to travel in groups because they find in this experience an opportunity to learn from others, make friends and share experiences during the trip. Thinking about it, we wanted to propose a list of “Good Group Travel Practices” to help travelers to have a richer and more pleasant experience during the excursions. You can find the list by clicking here: Good Group Travel Practices

Because we will remain throughout the expedition at altitudes above 3,000 meters above sea level and in remote areas, this exit is not suitable for people with lung or heart conditions or for people under medical treatment for diseases such as diabetes , Asthma, etc.

Staying at high altitudes may be contraindicated if you are under medical prescription. If you have questions please consult your doctor before enrolling.

Do not carry or consume liquor (no brandy, wine, whiskey, beer, etc.), or toxic substances, psychoactive or hallucinogenic in the mountains (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, fungi, etc., that combination is worse than The “gasoline with the liquor” !!).
Bring warm clothes, the place we go is very cold.
Consume a lot of liquid during your stay in the mountains, this practice helps improve the body’s ability to adjust to height.
Pack your clothes in plastic bags inside the backpack, carry extra plastic bags for various uses.
Protect your camera from moisture.
Carry spare batteries.
As far as possible carry the least amount of wrappers, cans or glasses. Please do not leave trash in the mountain and hopefully we will not leave garbage in the cabin.
Bring snacks, chocolates, peanuts, panela, etc. Packed in resealable plastic bags (“Ziploc”), remove the air when packing them to occupy as little space as possible inside your backpack.
Light luggage travel, it is not necessary to bring a bag for each day.
Do not bring jewelry or valuables (the Rolex and the Cartier earrings please leave them at home).
During the walks do not leave the group, do not go ahead, do not be left alone.
The weather conditions in the mountains can change in minutes, always carry a raincoat.
Keep in mind that we will be staying in a very remote place, run by a peasant organization. Our hosts will do everything in their power to serve us as best as possible, within the conditions of the place and its culture.