Situated in the northwest corner of South America, Colombia is the only country in the region with coasts on both the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, with a continental area of 1.141.748 km2 (440 829 square miles) and 928.660 km2 (358 555 square miles) of maritime dominions.

It shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, and maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Located between latitudes 4° south and 12° north, and between 67° and 79° longitude west, Colombia is an equatorial country whose climate is determined by trade winds, humidity and altitude – the temperature drops as the altitude increases.

In most of the country, there are two rainy seasons – from April to June and from August to November – and two dry seasons

The country enjoys constant luminosity throughout the year, with an equal duration of daylight and nighttime hours.