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Expeditions to Mavecure Hills, 2014-2015

(Español) Una inolvidable travesía al corazón de la selva amazónica y la gran sabana de la Orinoquía. El escenario de la Vorágine y del "Viaje a las Regiones Equinocciales" realizado por Humboldt en el Siglo XIX.

Expeditions to Mavecure Hills and El Tuparro Natural Park, 2014-2015

Mavecure Mountains are located in Guainia department, three hours from Puerto Inírida. Those are large areas of rainforest inhabited by indigenous communities and three huge rocks of 250 meters as an impressive lookout over the Guainia jungle.

Remote Guajira Expeditions 2015-2016

An unforgettable journey to the farthest limit of our country. We will visit emblematic places such as “El Cabo de la Vela”, “Punta Gallinas”, Manaure’s Salt Mine, Uribia city, The Macuira National Park and the Flamingos Sanctuary

Fishing in Bahia Solano in the Colombian Pacific Ocean

Clear and pure rivers, mangles and a tropical forest, make a complicated coastline ecosystem of incredible beauty. Bahia Solano becomes a must travel place for any tourist looking for exotic places or sites, without many people and with extreme nature. In a few words, this place becomes a final...

Fishing in Bita (or Vita) river in Puerto Carreno – Vichada

Fishing all sorts, types, colors and species of giant Peacock bass and the unforgettable fights, jumps and emotions the Payara shows. The majestic nature of the Bita river, with its playful and mystical pink dolphins, giant otters, abundant reptiles, insects and birds of many species and sizes.

Whale watching in Bahia Malaga July to November, 2015

Appreciate with us the arrival of the Humpback whale; one of the most amazing spectacles of nature.
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Routes in Colombia



The magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the...


With the largest tropical rainforest and the most copious river in the world,...

The best diving of Colombia

Colombia is not only a tropical land. It possesses a gigantic aquatic garden...

Lost Cultures

The Spanish arrived with the Conquest and colonization and brought slaves with them...

Seguros de Viaje

<<One of the gladdest moments in human life… is the departure on a distant journey to unknown lands>> – Sir Richard Burton – late 19th Century Explorer