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Cano Cristales June to December, 2016

La Macarena hill range is considered by scientists all over the world as one of the most important wildlife refuges in the planet.
Curso de Fotografía

Wildlife Photography Workshops 2016

(Español) Podremos aprender el manejo de la cámara para distintos niveles de usuario, y conseguir capturar los mejores momentos. Poder plasmar cada detalle, ya sea una flor o sea una roca, y ver cómo nos transmiten todo su color.
Tres Lagunas1W

Hiking Sumapaz Paramount, Three Lagoons October 9th, 2016

(Español) Se inicia en la vereda Margaritas de Usme, muy cerca al embalse de la regadera por un carretero ancho se toma un desvío para iniciar un ascenso hacía la Laguna Colorada, más adelante apreciamos la Laguna de Alar desde nuestra parada para almorzar, posteriormente tomaremos el sendero que...

Whale watching in Bahia Malaga July to October, 2016

Appreciate with us the arrival of the Humpback whale; one of the most amazing spectacles of nature.
Ciudad Perdida

Lost City Expeditions, 2016-2017

The Archaeological Park Teyuna, also known as "Lost City", home of the Tayrona people, the most monumental pre-Columbian civilization of the country, is located in this sierra.

Expeditions to Mavecure Hills, 2016-2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

Remote Guajira Expeditions 2016-2017

An unforgettable journey to the farthest limit of our country. We will visit emblematic places such as “El Cabo de la Vela”, “Punta Gallinas”, Manaure’s Salt Mine, Uribia city, The Macuira National Park and the Flamingos Sanctuary

Expeditions to Tatacoa Desert, 2016

We will explore one of the geological Colombian wonders; wonderful formations and “moonscapes” with amazing colors.

Rock climbing, rappelling, caves and adventure in Suesca

Great opportunity to learn the basic techniques of this fascinating sport, an extreme activity with the best instructors and all safety equipment to measure your adrenaline.
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The magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the...


With the largest tropical rainforest and the most copious river in the world,...

The best diving of Colombia

Colombia is not only a tropical land. It possesses a gigantic aquatic garden...

Lost Cultures

The Spanish arrived with the Conquest and colonization and brought slaves with them...

<<One of the gladdest moments in human life… is the departure on a distant journey to unknown lands>> – Sir Richard Burton – late 19th Century Explorer